Education & Wellbeing

At Park Farm we find it important that all the horses are looked after well. Since we understand how hectic life can be, we are there onsite for any services you might need.  Above all, we offer peace of mind.  
You can be sure that whether you are at home or away, your horse will always receive excellent care. If you have a question about moving forward with your horse, Yard Manager VIcki and Sue our resident Horse Behaviourist willl be happy to help you.

Sue Gardner


Sue Gardner has been teaching humans to understand more about horses for over 30 years.  Sue has a wealth of experience and can help you whatever the problem is.


Teaching people what motivates horses and increasing their knowledge creates confidence in both human and  horse.  Whether the horse is bucking bolting, refusing a jump, not standing to be mounted, will not hack out alone, it can be resolved by understanding where the problem stemmed from and then learning the skill set to remove the 'problem' by re-gaining trust and confidence with a new found understanding and skill set.


Sue keeps her horse at Park Farm and is available for private or group lessons for clients who are based at the Farm. Sue also teaches Horse Agility and offers a Home Study Programme. 

 Trevor Jones


Equine Podiatrist, Barefoot Trimmer

Jane Clifford BSc Psy (hons) tESA (P) Dip ESS DIP MRSS

Equine and Human Shiatsu Practitioner (fully insured)

Shiatsu is a non invasive touch therapy using meridians and acupressure points to access the body’s natural energies. I use finger pressure, palms, elbows and my hands to clear blockages in the body that are disrupting the harmonious flow of qi (energy). Shiatsu is an ancient art with oriental roots and uses the theoretical framework of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element Theory.

Disharmony in the body can be caused by trauma, injury, lifestyle, posture, diet, environment etc. Shiatsu works on the physical body as well as at a deeper emotional/spiritual and organ level. Many clients like to use shiatsu as part of their general maintenance programme to promote well being.

For more information:

01903 893851 . 07799420750 .

Jane Clifford


Equine Shiatsu



Gavin Scofield


Equine Osteopath


Gavin is an internationally renowned Equine Osteopath, who has been in full time Equine practice for over twenty years.

During that time he has built what is probably the busiest practice of its type in the World, leading to Gavin becoming one of the most experienced equine practitioners in the field, having carried out around 120,000 equine treatments.

  • Over 20 years experience

  • Worked with the British Equestrian team for over 10 years

  • Experienced in all disciplines

  • Also experienced in canine treatment

  • Many years of University and International lecturing and examining

  • Working closely with the veterinary profession, including top referral centres, senior FEI vets and national team vets.