LUCAS....Yard mascot, plane spotter, egg eater, cuddle monster & the reason for many liveries being late doing their chores! Who can resist a Lucas cuddle!



Not for the faint hearted! Nikki & Queenie going bareback, bridleless, barefoot & very brave! It was a very steady process of relaxed training at Queenie's pace that brought them to this point in their relationship & I think the smiles say it all.

Julia & Prince doing some lovely relaxed groundwork.

Sue helping Spud out with his bathing issues. Patience & empathy, two of our most valuable tools.


Sophie & Blondie having a relaxing time in the school the day before their cross country competition. 


Blondie & Sophie on their way to winning the cross country in fine style. Who would think he's one of our older residents at 24 years old! Definately not ready for retirement.

Charlotte & Hamish, Sinead & Avera off on a hack before their showjumping debut.