Equine professionals

Adam Shereston

Horse whisperer, trainer & specialist in equine behaviour

Demonstration: "Building a partnership"
Many refer to Adam as a horse whisperer because through his heightened sensitivity he is able to hear a horse's whisper. In his demonstration he will take us into the subtle world of horses.  He will show how to build a partnership whilst offering the horse what it needs at that moment. Without pressure, force or tricks.

Adam reveals how we can learn to listen to what the horse has to say. He will show the subtle difference between a physical response to our request and the two way conversation which can take place between human and horse through feel, intuition, balance and timing.

Trevor Jones

Instructor for the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry

Lecture / demonstration: "The benefits of going barefoot"
Join Trevor Jones, Instructor I.A.E.P. for an insightful lesson on true foot function.  Trevor will define foot health from the perspective of Applied Equine Podiatry, discuss the importance of a good foot and outline the  benefits of a shoeless approach to hoof rehabilitation.

Shod or unshod, Applied Equine Podiatry can provide the knowledge required for a sounder future for all horses. Come along and find out why!

Danielle Visarius

Horsemanship instructor & trainer, Equine Assisted Learning, shamanic healing


Demonstration: "How to work with body language and feel"

Danielle is a Dutch horsemanship trainer whose aim is to help horse and rider find their own balance. In this demonstration she will show how horses read our body language and feelings. She will explain the importance of being aware of that and how to apply this in our training.


In small steps Danielle will take us through some body positions, intention and ‘feel’ we can use to communicate an unambigeous message. She will reveal some of the techniques Adam will have shown and give insight in how we can all learn to communicate in the horses silent language.

Sue Gardner

Senior Instructor Equine Applied Behaviour & Horse Agility Associate Instructor

Sue Gardner has been teaching natural horsemanship for over twenty five years. Her focus is on teaching an understanding of the innate behaviour of the horse and how this applies to training.  True connection comes about when we can combine this knowledge of horse behaviour with our correct use of focus, breathe, body language and intention.
Sue uses Horse Agility as a way of teaching people how to 'approach' situations in a way that helps horses gain curiosity and confidence.

Jane Clifford

Qualified Practitioner Human and Equine Shiatsu


Talk: "How shiatsu can help your horse" & Taster sessions human siatsu
Jane is an experienced practioner in both human and equine shiatsu. During her talk she will explain how shiatsu works and how it can help your horse. Also you can experience the relaxing and de-stressing effects yourself, in one of the free taster sessions.


Shiatsu is a hands on touch therapy working with meridians and acupressure points. It uses finger pressure, hands, elbows, gentle rotations and stretches to re balance the energetic dis harmonies in the body.  It works on the body, mind and spirit and seeks to address the cause of an imbalance rather that merely addressing the symptoms.



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