About Adam and Danielle

Adam and Danielle have earned a reputation for their skills to get the best out of your horse in a gentle way. Their original approach involves empathy and clear communication through feel and body language, without using pressure or force. Coming from different backgrounds they put the best of both worlds together in helping both horse and rider achieve their full potential.

Adam Shereston

Adam is known for his unique ability to connect with horses on a profound level and, in collaboration with owners, achieve fast,  

enduring results.  He is referred to as a ‘horse whisperer’ because his heightened sensitivity enables him to pick up their silent message.


Adam came to be blessed with this talent after a bizarre experience several years ago.  It enabled him to develop an original approach to interaction with horses, which involves empathy and clear communication through 'feel', intuition, balance and timing.


He guides riders in developing their natural leadership skills, how to achieve synchronization with their horse's movements and how to influence, encourage and release their manoeuvres.

Adams work has been highlighted on television and in National newspapers.  His autobiography 'Alignment' has been published in May 2013 and tells of how his exceptional path in life has led him to become the gifted horseman he is today.


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Danielle Visarius

Danielle guides in a intuitive way, enabling both horse and human find their balance together.  She is originally from Holland, where she succesfully has been starting young horses, resolving behavioural problems and coaching owners. 


Characteristic of her work is the empathic ability to sense what's needed for horse and rider.  She makes people aware of what they can't see, but can feel and shows how subtle changes in themselves, can have suprising effects on their horse.


Danielle has had horses in her life since the age of 12, backed the first youngsters when she was 17 and hacked out bareback and bridleless. Her passion, together with meeting her challenging mare several years ago, made her explore many different methods of horsemanship.   


Her approach finds its roots in years of close collaboration with
Adam, training programs she followed with horse(wo)men all over Europe and her background in Equine Assisted Learning (EAGALA) and Shamanic healing.