A Traditional Sussex Farm



Park Farm is a traditional mixed farm with nearly a third of the acreage as permanent pasture. This supports a herd of Sussex Suckler cows producing beef reared totally on forage.

There is also a flock of Dorset X ewes, the lambs are sold through the only market in Sussex at Hailsham, we want to support this  valuable asset to the farming community.



On the better fields we grow a number of crops to give us a varied rotation, and where possible we grow added value varieties.

Our wheat is grown on contract to Walbertons bread and the Oats very often gets shipped out of the port of Shoreham to go to Quakers Oats in Scotland.

As a spring break crop we grow field beans which look like broad beans and are grown for animal feed protein. We particularly like them because the pigeons don't! Surrounded by woodland does have its drawbacks because there are large pigeon roosts in them and we don't have any neighbours to share them with!